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We are preparing to petition for a union election with the National Relations Board (NLRB) for songwriters and producers who work with record labels under Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. Despite the industry's assertions that unionizing is impossible, we started collecting union authorization cards from songwriters and producers last June. We believe that songwriters are misclassified as independent contractors and that a union is essential for the following reasons:


  • The U.S. government regulates songwriters' wages like an employee, but they're classified as independent contractors who are free to set their own pay.

  • Songwriters are classified as independent contractors but aren't contracted for their services.

  • Abuse runs rampant in the music industry, and Songwriters have no protection.

  • Songwriters don't make a livable wage in the streaming era.

  • Songwriters are only paid royalties if a song they wrote is released; payment can take up to two years to come in.

  • Songwriters are not compensated for their services or time.

  • Many songs are released before the business is agreed upon and completed, which can further slow down royalty payments.


Once the NLRB reviews the realities of a songwriter's career in 2024, we might have a chance at unionizing. Regardless of the outcome, we're committed to pursuing this goal. 


Gaining the public support of artists, leaders, and organizations will significantly strengthen our efforts and impact. We hope you'll consider endorsing our cause. 

Endorsed By:

Artists & Leaders

Tiffany Red
India Arie


The 100 Percenters
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