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About Us

The Songwriters and Composers Guild(SCG) is a grassroots organization led by professional songwriters and producers, united by a joint mission—to rally for a union petition and election with the National Labor Relations Board.

In the current era dominated by streaming, the music industry has undergone a metamorphosis that has destroyed the income of music creatives. In contrast, music groups and digital service providers continue to amass billions. Amid this evolution, the grip of corporate greed has only grown tighter.

We've been trapped in the classification of independent contractors since  The Society of Composers & Lyricists' (SCL) last union attempt in 1984 without the autonomy to self-govern, a right inherent to independent contractors.

In this rapidly changing landscape, we yearn for the power of collective bargaining—a force that can fortify our livelihoods and empower us to carve out our destinies. It's a call for change, a plea for a shift in the dynamics that will allow us to navigate this evolving industry with agency and control over our creative futures.

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